Firefox 3.0.9

Update baru ni Firefox 3.0.9 , saat nulis ini ane masih proses download. Capek juga ni kudu download 2 buat mikocok ama slax ane

Yang mau bisa unduh disini

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10 thoughts on “Firefox 3.0.9”

  1. @Dianfi:

    What’s New in Firefox 3.0.9

    Firefox 3.0.9 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.8:

    * Fixed several security issues.
    * Fixed several stability issues.
    * Many users experienced an issue where a corrupt local database caused Firefox to “lose” its stored cookies. (bug 470578)
    * Fixed an issue where, starting with Firefox 3.0.7, inline image attachments on popular webmail services (like AOL and AIM) would not display. (bug 482659)
    * Large forms would sometimes take a long time to submit. (bug 426991)
    * In certain cases, new windows would not have proper focus. (bug 446568)
    * See the Firefox 3.0.8 release notes for changes in previous releases.

    See the complete list of bugs fixed.

    kira kira itu yang baru dari 3.09, tadi baru aja ane instal
    ya tau diri kan FF, makin makan proses pastinya, tapi lumayan kenceng versi bari ini

    yoi bang ni juga nunggu tu versi kapan realis nya, lama bener

  2. tiap kali xulrunner ngeluarin versi baru pasti firefox juga ngeluarin versi baru kemaren xulrunner nya versi 1.9_1.9.0.8 fifefoxnya 3.0.8 sekaran xulrunnernya 1.9_1.9.0.9 firefoxnya jadi 3.0.9

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