Fu*kin Politik

V1Br4T10N5 0f tHe RhytHm…
1ts 50 p0w3rFUll……50ulfull !
m4KEs y0u 6r00v1N’, MOv1n’ d4nc1n’
Th3N b3c4mE 1ntraNc3…
FuCk1n p0l1T1X Don’t L1k3 Th3 et1ks
fuckin p0l1tIK, pol1t1ku5, tiKus M4MPu5
fuckin p0L1T1K 5it1kuS t4kut 54ma 5i pus !
Don’T Lo0k t0 tH3 60vErnment5 516ht5
tHeR3’5 t00 MuCh h1p0kr1t f1Ght5
DOn’t 533 th3 gov3RnmeNTs 3y3s
Y0u b3tt3r Lo0k 1nt0 mY 4rt5

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Iqbal Khan urban cyclists. Social Media Specialist, Full time Blogger, SEO Specialist, Web Developer. Founder http://goowes.co & Co Founder http://ngonoo.com EMAIL : ras.arab@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Fu*kin Politik”

  1. Hmmmmm……
    kYk’a ada yang mau golput ney hehehehe……..
    dYn hari ni dah dpt undangannya….
    Mas Syahrul khan uwes durung…….

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